Success Story – Anum Kamran


Every successful entrepreneur has a struggling journey.

Since there is no shortcut to success and the road to female entrepreneurship is another big challenge in this male dominant society. Even after facing every sort of hurdle in this journey of female entrepreneurship, some radiantly confident women have been breaking all sort of stereotype there may exist!

Today in this article, we will talk about another enthusiast female entrepreneur of Pakistan – Anum Kamran.

Anum Kamran did MS in Software Engineering and started her tech entrepreneurship journey in 2005. After sometime she started working with another venture called which is Pakistan’s First Women Only Freelancing Portal) and which is a fastest growing online shopping place. She also worked as an instructor to teach BS students at different universities and conduct workshops related to online business, ecommerce solutions, women empowerment and entrepreneurship. She is one of such women who comes from a very enlightened family as her forefather were businessmen so precisely entrepreneurship is in her blood.

We do have so many female entrepreneurs in Pakistan, but the problem we are facing is the lack of exposure. We need to take the initiative and highlight the achievements by empowering each other.


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