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It may feel like the terms “Women Empowerment” and “Feminism” are an outcome of the latest hype created by all the ladies and female social activists who are constantly fighting for gender equality and women rights. Such a false story! The movements and campaigns in the favor of women rights and against the gender inequality have been carried out for over a century now.
Unfortunately, it is only now that the fight for the rights of all the women has achieved such a limelight and proudly, approximately out every five girls at least four are daring enough to speak up for themselves and let the world hear their voices; loud and clear!

In case if you are a feminist or person who loves being enlightened with the stories of successful women and their genuine experiences, and instructive articles on how to become one of those powerful women who are out their making their dreams come true and helping other women to achieve theirs as well; you have arrived on the right platform!

Here you will definitely find exactly what you have been looking for and that too under one umbrella! We not only love to tell stories of women from all around the globe to our readers but also love to hear yours as well; we are all ears! So make sure to leave honest feedback and we promise to cater all of your article requests regarding the topics you want us to write on about, in case if you have any. 

Anum Kamran

Success Story – Anum Kamran

Every successful entrepreneur has a struggling journey. Since there is no shortcut to success and the road to female entrepreneurship is another big challenge in this male dominant society. Even after facing every sort of...
Naeema Soomro Brand

Naeema Soomro

Hi, everyone I am Naeema & I am from Hyderabad. I belong from middle class family. I am an Textile Designer, Entrepreneur, Trainer, & Teacher. I am fun loving, caring, & love to go...
Top 10 young female entrepreneurs in USA

Top 10 young female entrepreneurs in USA

In such a demanding and competition-inviting environment, it is absolutely difficult to understand and learn how to start something of your own. Since there is no shortcut to success and the road to female...



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